How do people find, and keep track of, photographers to watch?

It is a fact universally acknowleged that the photographer who wants to improve needs to look at the work of photographers who are better than they are, who inspire and create great images. The problem I find is how to find new work, and when I’ve found it how to keep track of it. Of course if one had a limitless photobook budget this would be easier, but I for one do not. I do read Black and White Photography and The British Journal of Photography every month, which are both full of inpsiring stuff, but I find the problem is that I haven’t found a way to keep track of them all. I could make notes of their names in a book, or bookmark their websites with something like Pocket or Instapaper, but that doesn’t turn into a way to keep going back and looking at their images.

One idea which is sort of developing in my head is a version of those digital photo frames which you can use to show a rolling slide show of your photos (As an aside I keep thinking of getting one of those) but rather than flipping through my own work it would pull up an image from somebody else’s website and display it. Now all good inventions, well actually all inventions, start with a wild idea: the issue is turning it into a reality. I’ve broken this down into two phases

The finding an image phase.

How do I pull an image from somebody every day? One possiblity would be to use something which already exists like Pinterest to do it, which would definitely be easier than trying to write something which visits the website of a selected photographer and downloads a random image.

The displaying phase.

How do I show the images? I’m thinking of something around the Raspberry Pi computer or Arduino board using Wi-Fi and hitched up to a small monitor, somehow then showing full screen images.

Anyway, it’s a crazy idea in my head at the moment. If there are no further blog posts on this topic you’ll know that’s how it remained!

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