Lions, heading for divorce

I went on a school trip this week to the Cotswold Wildlife Park with the GCSE photography group. Their teacher decided we all ought to pick our best photo from the day and this one is mine: I call it “Lions Heading for the Divorce Courts” as she looks soooooo cheesed off with his posing 🙂

It’s never easy photographing with other people, and doing it with a whole school party to help manage is well nigh impossible, but I do like this one!

3 thoughts on “Lions, heading for divorce

    1. Thanks – I was hoping given that it was a y10 photography course trip (which is the only reason I went, normally I avoid trips) that I’d be able to get some personal work in. Wasn’t as much chance as I’d hoped but got this and a couple of others I liked. Went again today not on a school trip…photos to follow in a day or two 🙂

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