New Year: New(ish) Flickr

I’m a very long term Flickr user, going all the way back to when it and Photobucket were about the only games in town for online image hosting. I’ve stuck with it through what can only be called the horror of the Yahoo years (and briefly something called Oath) and now it’s in the SmugMug family I’m still there. Actually I’ve got real hopes for it now as SmugMug do have a background in image management so they at least ought to have some idea of what they’re doing. While there have been a few obvious effects, not least the weekend where they moved the entire content (100 million + accounts and literally billions of images) from Yahoo hosting to AWS – which I’m in awe of as a project, I’ve noticed that using it seems, well, smoother these days. There was, predictably, an uproar when they said that only people who paid for Pro level would get unlimited hosting, but to be fair, unlimited add free photo hosting for nothing just really isn’t going to work these days (and free users still get, I think, a thousand images…). I found a lovely post from one person wondering how it was going to get his, get this, 40,000 photos off Flickr! Who the hell needs to cloud store 40k images, and who realistically wants that for free?

Going along with this, I’m sort of becoming a bit disheartened by Instagram. Okay, I’m a big user and I really enjoy seeing the images from the folks I follow. But the number of ‘sponsored’ posts seems to be going up and the number of people who are now tagging their content as paid in some form or another goes up and that’s detracting from my enjoyment. Okay, I’ve never suffered from InstaEnvy, though I know a lot do and the idea that you can’t be a photographer these days unless you’re on Insta seems to have taken a hold. I’m not giving up on social media in general, or the ‘gram but for me 2020’s photo motto, or one of them, is going to be use more Flickr.

So I’ve spent today, yes, all of it, revamping my Flickr account. When I signed up I used it to share photos with people so there were loads of albums of family holidays and the like. Some of these go back to 2007 when I was using Picasa (which you may remember) for image management according to the data. I was pretty sure I’d got all of the images but to make sure I downloaded all the ones I didn’t want to keep on Flickr and removed them. Currently I’m in the middle of a massive exercise of tagging, re-albuming, and making sure the permissions are what I want as some of the photos on it are still private. But I’m getting there.

So if any of you are Flickr users, or have an historic Flickr account you feel like digging out and trying again, or just feel like signing up, feel free to friend me there. And of course you can always look at my public images without an account, I promise there aren’t 40,000 of them 🙂

This link should take you there..

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