The Inspiration Wall is Bare

This does not mean I’m actually devoid of inspiration, well no more devoid than normally I might say.

I have, in the bathroom, where I can see it from the bath, when brushing my teeth or doing other things one might do in the bathroom, two things. One is a calendar and the other is a large cork board. The calendar serves no calendric function whatsoever, it’s there for the images. The ‘rule’, which I imposed on myself, is that the calendar must be purchased from the sale ones left after Christmas from Cirencester Waterstones. This means that the choices isn’t unworkably large but also that it rather self-selects for the less popular ones. Over the years they’ve been varied: Hopper, Vintage Vogue covers, Matisse and Kandinsky. This year it’s monochrome photos of New York, chosen because this year is going to be, for me, the year of monochrome work.

The cork board has pictures from magazines, postcards, packaging, etc which I like and which get pinned up to be inspiring. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever produced work which has been actually inspired by anything on it, but I’ve wanted to. I was looking at it the other day, and thinking it needed a revamp, when I decided that actually what it wanted was clearing off entirely. An Amazon prime order of a couple of old fashioned scrapbooks and a couple of evenings with a pritt stick (and yes, it was a genuine one, none of your own brand imitations) and all the images were transferred to the books and the cork board is now bare, it’s a huge, slightly intimidating, sheet of, well…cork.

Oddly though, while slightly intimidating it is, in itself, actually inspiring. It needs some images, it needs me to start seeing images in magazines and packaging and deciding they’re going to be in line with the whole ‘year of monochrome’ thing. I’m going to need to start seeing different images to put on the board from the ones I’ve done in the past.

So while the inspiration wall is bare, it’s not bare of inspiration.

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