Getting my Gothic On

I’ve been getting my inner gothic on lately. If you’ve seen my other Instagram @batworker you’ll have noticed that while I love doing flowers gardens and landscapes I also love doing the slightly dark, mysterious and mythical.


My goal is one day to combine both in a great photo of Wayland’s Smithy on The Ridgeway which is a good landscape image and shows the sense of something old and mysterious (I’ve never got past watching The Moon Stallion on telly in my teens). Don’t hold your breath, I’ve been trying for years and haven’t done it yet.


For whatever reason though, much of my work leans towards the dark; not necessarily the whole gothic thing, but dark background still life and food,


I recently photographed an abandoned and burned out car, if we had any abandoned buildings I’d be in there but round these parts any empty building has been snapped up by developers and is carrying a massive price tag before you know it. But lately I’ve been hitting the local cemeteries, and one of the upsides of the Cotswold village belt is a lot of cemeteries, with a lot of over the top masonary.

More next post…

All images copyright Andy Smart, all rights reserved, no reproduction or reuse without permission

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