Badminton (no rackets) 2009

It’s another photo from my past, which I’m doing not because I set out to but because it was on my desktop and I quite like it. It’s a photo of event rider Paul Tapner, clearing the L200s at the Badminton Horse Trials 2009. By a strange co-incidence his son is a pupil at the school where I work, so when I came across this image a few weeks ago I was able to send a copy home via Tapner Jnr.

One of my sons and I used to go to Badminton every year, it was our annual day out and we loved it. The walk round the course is about 4miles, you spend the day walking round, stopping at jumps, watching some riders go past, etc. All in all, a good day out.

Paul Tapner jumps the L200s

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