To the Health Food Shop, with photos

We’re lucky where we live to have a local health food / whole food shop called The Health Box, which not only sells a lot of nice things but also does a lot of bulk refilling of washing up liquid containers etc and does loose dry goods if you bring your own pot to put it in. All of which is so brilliant these days. I however have not actually ever been; normally my significant other stops on her way home from work. But today they moved from their tiny shop to a bigger unit down the road and were having a reopening event, so S.O. thought it would be fun go down, see the new shop and refill some stuff. It’s a lovely shop, and the people are every bit as nice as S.O. says they are. It’s also visually amazing.

Oddly, I found myself taking photographs….. (all shot directly into Lightroom on my iPhone)

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