Norwich on Expired Delta 3200

A while ago a friend was clearing out his film fridge and said did I want anything, well that would be a yes so I said ‘surprise me’. Among the stuff were some rolls of Delta 3200 which expired in 2004, so significantly out of date but I knew he’d have looked after it. We were going away to Norwich (‘A Fine City’) for the weekend and I knew that while I was taking my 6d digital it’s not a great camera to carry for popping into the city, especially as the forecast was for a bit of rain…well in the end…a lot of rain! So I loaded it into my Pentax MX and as I was in experiment territory put the Hoya (remember them?) 2.8 28mm lens on the front. I thought that would be a good nightime city scape lens, and also practically it goes to infinity at 3m and I don’t manually focus so good in low light these days. Given the age of the film I shot it at 1600, which is also the fastest film speed the MX can deal with, and decided that as it was largely sacrificial film which cost me nothing and was only going to cost me a shot of developer and some time to process I’d just shoot it for shit and giggles.

There were 5 or 6 on the roll I thought were quite nice, and after I scanned them decided that a blue split tone gave them a nice effect. Pulled the contrast up a bit and left it at that.

I definitely want to get some in date 3200 and try some more city at night photography with it, though I’ll have to take a light meter or guess the exposure on the MX…

2 thoughts on “Norwich on Expired Delta 3200

    1. Thanks, though I think end of October is a bit premature for a Christmas display, even though it gave me a nice photo! The figure is my wife, of whom I’m only allowed to post photos if they’re unrecognisable! 😂😂

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