Remix – Harpist

I’m going to try something along the lines of scanning old photos from years back but with some of my digital stuff – in a manner akin to a musician remixing their old tracks, I’m going to find images from my early days with digital, process them the way I would now, and post the two together to see the difference.

So this first image is one I took years ago in the Mussenden Temple at Downhill in Northern Ireland (definitely worth a look if you’re there). The biggest issue with the original image is that I didn’t know how to lock a focus point then so it’s missed her eyes and gone for the harp frame, but not by enough to really spoil it. Remixing it now I’m a lot more confident making big edits to light and shadow areas, and using layers to bring out selective bits – also I have no idea why I didn’t want to crop it in tight like that originally. I remember being a bit meh about the image when I took it, but I’m a lot more postive about it now.

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