Ship in the Fog

We’ve just been to Cornwall for a couple of days, in which oddly enough we visited (and I photographed) some gardens as well as the coastline. When we used to go to Cornwall about 15 years ago Pendennis Castle was our son’s favourite place and we thought we’d go there for old time’s sake. It’s actually well worth a visit if you’re there, it’s not just somewhere to go for the nostalgia. The previous day was clear and sunny, but that morning there was fog over Carrick Roads, and the headland on which the castle stands looks out over the water. The previous day from a bit further round the coast there were some ships out at anchor, but from the castle, in the fog, the one you could see looked so great.

Oddly, this is the raw file straight out of the camera, I began to tweak it in Lightroom, but in the end I found I couldn’t improve it.

Ship in the Fog, Carrick Roads anchorage

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