What makes me like your Instagram

I’m a big fan of Instagram, I follow a lot of people and I’ve been thinking about what makes me follow somebody, and then keep following them. The following comments are my thoughts, they will not allow you to overcome ‘The Algorithm’ or ‘get 5 million new followers in 10 minutes’ or any other such things. I don’t even know if anybody else uses the following criteria. But hey, citizen journalism and all that, it’s my blog and I can express my views on it 🙂

First off, no filters. Yes, I mean it, I can unsubscribe from somebody who takes a nice photo of themselves or somebody else and then sticks a dog tongue or rabbit ears on faster than shit slides off a shovel.

If I’m following you because your’e my friend then yes, I love to see what you and your family are doing, I love to see the antics of your cat, and what you did on your holidays. Go for it. But if I’m following you because of your content, or because of your photography, then frankly, sorry, I’m not that interested. Maybe run two accounts, one for ‘your life’ your friends can enjoy and one for ‘your content’ (all the remaining things refer to content channels…)

For me, I don’t care if you don’t post every day, or even every week, I’d rather you posted when you’ve got a great photo of whatever it is to post. Quality for me trumps quantity, every single time…

Oh, and related to that, I’m not a fan if essentially you post the same photo every time. You know, the photo which catches my eye is the one of you in the vintage dress in front of your back door, you’ve got a vintage dress channel, great I like those, then I look at your feed and all of them are you, in the same pose, in front of the same door. Live it up, do different things around the garden, show off those vintage dresses while drinking tea on the patio, while pruning the roses, while feeding the fish, keep the theme but make very photo that bit different, and always a great photo.

The next one is something which always makes me head for the unsubscribe button, the one where somebody takes two almost identical photos of themselves and puts then in one frame (it’s usually related to the above single-location issue). There’s a better solution…learn to compose for the square frame. Thats’ where the different locations come in handy, you’ve got more to work with.

Well, that’s what affects my subscription choices anyway 🙂

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