Was ‘it’ worth keeping, you bet your backside it was.

Following on from the vintage theme of my last post with this one.

Several weeks ago at the school where I work they were cleaning out an old storeroom and gave me a shout. “Any idea what this is?” they asked pointing at a leatherette case “and is it worth hanging on to?” What they meant of course is that they didn’t want it so if I thought it worth hanging onto then I was going to have to find room for it in my dept. But what, I wondered, was “this”. I opened the latches and looked. We were briefly in the terms of folks who would enjoy this blog, in the territory of Indiana Jones without snakes, fiendish traps and rampaging nazis.

It was a Kodak Carousel projector, in mint condition, with it’s manual still in the plastic bag.

Naturally I declared it worth hanging on to and took it back to my empire for safekeeping. I didn’t really believe of course that anybody on site was ever going to use it for anything, but hell you can’t not hold onto something like that now can you?

Fast forward a few weeks. My wife and I are going to Rome and wanted to revisit our previous trip from 20 years earlier, when we were younger….and I shot Kodachrome.

I had the projector home in short order because, well a Carousel projector and Kodachrome, the dream team of 1970s AV, you have to do it. My 15 year old was amazed by the spectacle of my loading slides into the magazine, amazed as in “what the hell is that?” amazed. I explained what it did, I explained what slides were, he made some comment about ’21st century’ the ‘the wireless’ and stumped off upstairs. No matter what the young’uns think though eh. My wife and I sat down with coffee and revisited our trip to the first city of the word in the glorious glowing colours Kodak intended.

Oh, and no, it’s not gone back into work. I’ve got more Kodakchrome to revisit.

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