Learning to Light (without bothering anybody)

One of my goals for the year has been to get over flashaphobia, or speedlightaphobia and perhaps we should now call it. Of course I owned a flash gun back in my film days but it was pretty basic and I never got good results with it. I suspect this was down to lack of information, but also down to lack of putting in the time to learn. Well, one advantage of digital is that you have as near as dammit limitless learning time. You can take hundreds of shots at zero cost while you learn and with the instant ability to view you can learn fast. So I bought a Yongnuo speedlight and radio trigger, hit the Youtube videos and started learning how to use it.

It becomes however rapidly apparent to anybody with a shred of interpersonal feeling that getting one of your nearest and dearest to sit there being hammered with bright light during this learning process isn’t really fair. Especially given that, as it’s a learning process, the images aren’t really going to be that good. Therefore, drum roll please, we have my solution to this issue – my stand in model – Wilson


Actually it works pretty well, the basics are there and he never complains about being bored or having other stuff to go off and do. Also if you get the angle of the flash wrong he doesn’t have to spend the next hour with huge purple splodges in his field of vision.

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