Masters of Photography – Series 2

As promised, I’m following up my comments on the first series of Masters of Photography from Sky Arts with my thoughts on season two; one advantage of catching up with them on NOW TV being that one can pretty much binge watch them back to back.

I felt much more positively disposed to season two, and I thought that they’d addressed all of the things about season one I didn’t think worked. Not least being the abolition of Isabella Rossellini who really added nothing to either series one, nor her personal reputation by her performance in it. The invisible narrator worked much better and left the on screen time to the three judges and the contestants. I like the different judging panel, not that there were any issues with those from the first season as photographers, or indeed as photography judges, but the second season line up I thought allowed for a greater range of things to be considered. Having the picture editor for the Guardian Weekend Magazine Caroline Hunter and documentary photographer Darcy Padilla alongside Oliviero Toscani was (I thought anyway) a judging mix which allowed the contestant’s work to be seen more from the viewpoints in which they were used to shooting. While he remained as ‘forthright’ shall we say as in series one, somehow Toscani seemed to be enjoying the whole thing more somehow!

I thought the range of assignments was well chosen, very varied and allowed for every contestant to made it that far to find something at which they could shine: or sometimes at which they ought to have shined by perhaps didn’t.

Looking forward to series three…

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