Personal Projects: so much more than the photography

Personal projects.

We all love them, for amateurs they’re all personal projects. But they’re where we get to express ourselves.

I’ve realised that for me the fun lies not only in taking the photos, but in the planning and preparation which goes with it. Actually taking the photos is the tip of the iceberg. Once I’ve had the idea, I play around with it in my head, expand the idea, create a Pinterest board, think so more. I wanted to do some portrait shots of my wife a while back and had loads of fun making the backdrop: buying fabric and dye, tie-dying, seeing how it turned out.  I wanted to do a floral still life and so got to make a base board out of discarded tongue and groove timber, put on some distressed paint, etc.

Amateurs like me are lucky, we have the time to make all our shoots like this without the pressure to deliver for a client to time and budget!

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